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Magnetic Gate Locks
Pintu Otomatis
Magnetic Gate Locks

The DKGL (DoorKing Gate Lock) series of magnetic locks are designed for outdoor gate applications.   Magnetic locks have no moving parts to wear out or break and are virtually indestructible.   1200 Lb locks are typically used for vehicular gate applications while the 600 Lb lock is used for pedestrian gate applications.   The 1200 Lb locks are available in kit form which makes installation quick and easy.   The kits include predrilled and tapped lock and armature mounting brackets that can be welded to the gate.The magnetic lock and armature are then bolted to the brackets with the supplied hardware.

1216-080 LOCK KIT

  • 1200 Lb holding force magnetic lock.
  • Built-in electrical enclosure with predrilled and tapped conduit holes.
  • Steel (can be welded) predrilled and tapped lock and armature mounting brackets.
  • 12 or 24 Volt DC operation.
  • Top, bottom or face mounting.
  • Quick release "pop" button on armature.
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